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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
it's been weeks, stricreator. i've been stressed and under the gun to do other things, so i let this slide, but i need to not do that
because this strip is my backup memory system.
it's wednesay so i took out the trash. yesteray was tuesay. the house i not close, but i got the$ 7900 certifie check reay for the shack i am buying.
ai my storage unit rent an tommy hele me clear out the smaller storage unit. van broke own, overheating, so i got it home in stages.
finally got to open make night at crackers, a local comey club. $22, worth it, i lan to be a regular. i'll go up someday . you have to bring 6 people, an the only ones in the auidence are everyboy's
six people. i forget the rest of the last 3 weeks.
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