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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
* is this thing on? *
i stopped into best buy/buymore and impulse bought a little laptop for $160, because my $109 fargo walmart computer has a cracked screen and several keys thatt don't work.
so far this seems slow but functional.
i may or may not get back in the habit of daily comics. very hot for june, 93 or so. went to fnb. dumpster dived judge crisp's former law office. took the bus home with my last $1.75.
i've been cleaning and sorting my room. so far about 1/3 of thee floor is clear. i have to go read the latest letters from the zoning thugs... they are suing me again.
one of them snuck inside a month ago and took pictures, so i've spent a month cleaning. i will file a countersuit, i expect.
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