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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
i went to sunday school for about the first time in 44 years. i'm still not a baptist, it's more about havng a local social network.
i screwe up an did not get any more election videoes toda, drove around uselessly. but when i got home the guy from ohio showe up and bought the junk volvo for $200, whch will buy 1/2 trip to hawaii
or a tuneup or somethng. found one of my credit cards. sorted some papers. $25 gas on card. saw a church for sale that i should look up details on.
i started writing a memo on stipulations of law and fact. i should call mom.. am sorting youtube videos. too much coffee today eating well. ove a crate of ramen and some pinatas. need to unload van,
should check oil an fix mirror. tomorrow last chance to get videos.
talke to mom and sucked into discussion on reddit instead of unloading van. i am uploading videos to youtube.
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arbi says:
posted Nov 7th ( permalink )

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