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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
it;s monay morning, and i'm having a har time getting out of bed. but i got resse, ate oats and strwberries, banana coffee maybe i'll get 2 the scrap yard today, or are they closed for the 'holiday'?
i'm reading about bipolar diagnoses. the internet cuts in and out. the roof leaks slightly. things arent good, and nothing i do is enough. so it's hard to do anything.
once upon a time there was a comic about an aarvark named cerebus. by a guy named dave simms.
but over time he went mad. i'm mad myself, years into a slow slide. i live with a guy who is in way worse shape, an i try to take care fo him, but it's a struggle.
now it's friday. 3 trips to the scrap yar, did plasma twice, , i'm not eligible for disability.
listed the other shack. about to start a job as a ishwasher if i don't get fired right away.
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arbi says:

Whatever the reasons, undiagnosed and/or untreated bipolar disorder can have deadly consequences. One in five people with the condition will commit suicide. Studies show that at least one in three1, or even one in two2 will attempt it — that is 15 times greater than the suicide rate in the general population. Suicide occurs often during manic phases, when patients are more impulsive and fearful of falling into another depressive cycle. People with bipolar disorder have a reduced life expectancy of about 10 years
posted Dec 31st ( permalink )

arbi says:

Once you have an adequate diagnosis that is appropriate and you get the right interventions, you can live a wonderful healthy, thriving life with bipolar disorder or bipolar disorder and ADHD. yeah color me sceptical.
posted Dec 31st ( permalink )

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