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by catmanjag
Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears concerns about an ice age are being put to rest.
Conservative know-it-alls confirmed today that the progressive freezing being experienced is perfectly normal, and all is, in fact, well.
More on this reassuring story later, but right now we would like to take a minute to allow Blrg The Magnificent to make an anouncement.
Hello. Are you a small mammal looking for a safe place to huddle? If so, you should come on down to Blrg's Mammal, I mean sanctuary.
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LippySkippy says:

(appluase's) Yet another one that has split my insides OUT! Keep up the awsome work :)
posted Mar 18th, 2007 ( permalink )

Injokester says:

Blrg really is magnificent!
posted Jul 1st, 2007 ( permalink )

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