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Bob and the Cow, Bob: The Early Years, Zombies!



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Fifties dad


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Comments on Injokester

Sweet, sweet merples.Porternotes11-10-16
WoW sucks but you don't!Lord_Vodek08-09-10
Deserves his 5 stars!ladyjdotnet05-06-10
good, like blow job, from a fat bird.mattmallone11-17-09
Incredibly funnyBeeko18004-15-09
has to be funny he has the word joke in his nameTterb03-23-09
Mighty Mean Funny Machine.LittleRocker03-17-09
Much loveOgyaf09-04-08
Cool like a fool in a swimming pooltheburninator12-04-07
Funny stuff.kane274211-11-07
im rating goodshank09-01-07
I take it black, without sugar.DrMorton06-30-07
comics and site art and fellatio (oh my!)mandingo05-14-07
U rappin' goodsmamurai04-29-07
King of AwesomevilleEl_Phen04-27-07
I have no idea why It took me so long to rate you!The_young_scot02-09-07
Good backgrounds and funny comicslukket01-21-07
A belated rated good!christopher7murphy12-31-06
I did a background check ... you're funny.Waste_Of_A_Sniper12-23-06
I can't believe I forgot to rate youRandomComicLayoutGuy12-15-06
I dream of Gary Larson.stabbo10-22-06
Funny funny.crackpanther09-28-06
Some of the best comics on this siteHumpenstein09-25-06
venerable master of comic kung fuAngryAmerican09-19-06
I'll take a refillWhitesox07-14-06
All hail SPACE JESUS!!umfumdisi07-09-06
Mortally ill and infecting the rest of us. Yay!boloboffin07-09-06
Perverted GeniusTheGovernor04-30-06
Dammit Injokester! Now I need two cups of coffee!daddydoright04-24-06
Yeahhhh! Whoooo!! Weeee!terrybrass04-15-06
Good stuff.DaveMonkey02-21-06
good humour, reminds me of red meat :)feebsicle01-28-06
Is awesome in ways awesome doesn't know about.LuckyGuess01-27-06
Noteworthy and prolificZimri12-28-05
unfunny, he's not not notdrawinger12-13-05
Comment (optional)Hari_Nezumi11-29-05
Spamtastic comiczHotRodDeathToll10-22-05
Great style, love "The secret of love"kaiobrien10-19-05
Kirk & Spock walk into a bar & laugh at InjokesterSmarmulus09-27-05
If shit were gold, I'd take a HUGE shit on you.squidrabies09-17-05
I rate you: Goodftc09-14-05
Not bad at allflickguy09-09-05
YOU RAPPIN' GOOD!finn3409-08-05
This comments a Burritoflipynif109-06-05
Fine shit. Great texture. Nice smell.Splunge07-18-05
Prolific AND funny? It don't make sense!Smurph07-17-05
Doesn't have me listed a favorite. I'll try hardercrabby07-07-05
Why doesn't Gene just move away?HCRoyall07-03-05
His non-in-joke comics are not to be missedandydougan06-08-05
great stripsmatclarke05-17-05
TEST YOUR MIGHT!cpausti04-25-05
Who it this man and why is he inside jokster. Gay?RedfeatheR03-26-05
Um......INJOKESTER IS TOOMY! *runs away*Dimebag_Darrell03-18-05
life's a burrito with cheese, LOTS OF CHEESE ;)graykane03-10-05
Some good shitScyess03-04-05
Comment (optional) Coffee (Required)NooniePuuBunny02-16-05
Resist and be destroyed.JESUSSANDWICH02-15-05
Congratulations, Best New Stripper of 2004!Externalization02-04-05
Arch nemesis, OutjokesterMatchbook_Romance01-20-05
The new Chubby?thochaos01-17-05
>99X better than Injokester_99Zaster01-11-05
You're making me will pay!BobRogers01-05-05
Ha. Ha.r2_d212-30-04
The mind wobblesSpankling12-28-04
His comics are comical. How rare!PhreakyChinchilla12-27-04
by 'the Chubby' he meant 'the wang'little_kitty12-25-04
Tastes like poo pie.DragonXero12-25-04
I miss the boobsniteowl12-24-04
His comics have characters and backgrounds in thembiped12-23-04
We're sexy bitches! Yeah, baby!UnknownEric12-23-04
yeah, the tits are incrediblexxausrottenxx12-22-04
injokester rules... not you, GeneBigFrank10512-22-04
i will allow you in my countrydcomposed11-12-04
former: nice tits. current: FLAT-CHESTEDpossums09-04-04
Caffeine is good. (Kr0n)Kr0n1c08-30-04
tweety bird isn't as sexy as youMikeyG06-28-04

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