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by choadwarrior
Since nobody big has died recently, Sir Elton John has blessed us with an appearance and a new song written in tribute of the dearly departed...
♫♫Goodbye Don Lapre, even though I didn't know thee, when I was up late you tried to sell tiny ads to me...
♫♫And it seemed to me, you lived your life like an infomercial dope; But I never thought you'd twist in jail hung by your own rope.
♫♫ And I would have liked to know you, but I was just a kid. You made more money off your customers than those who followed your system did.
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Top Rated, Part 3

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RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

Winner, winner chicken dinner!
posted Oct 11th, 2011 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

I tolds you!
posted Oct 16th, 2011 ( permalink )

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