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by crabby
Christmas Day 6-04-87Jesus and the Devil were on a plane to go to granny gooses carnival of Thanksgiving fun when someone falls asleep at the whell and then eats a bagel so then jesus gets hungry
I'm hungry Satan but i dont know what to eat i miss my homeland so much and i dont know what to do i need a relaese from pain and hunger but i dont want to offend MENBAHS father all!
Satan feels your pain jesus buts important to remember what remains important to you all you nedd is love peace and nappiness so go eat some hagis and then call donna summers and tell her all about it
Half way there jesus begins to weep because he realizes that he is just a mice among men and hell never be with his true love shalla ball ever again because there world was devoured by a frost giant
MENBAH im not even sure who i am anymore your the devil and im jesus but who am i really MENBAH tell me who to look for i need to find my spirit guide because im lonely and afraid my eat hole hurts
MENBAH i eat with my gills by absorbing food from others faces but thats not important the important thing is that you go to the moon to meet with your birth mnother and eat meals with your real self
Jesus and Satan discuss bad event from child hood and jesus gets offered a job to work at attitudechickas law fi
after the fall out between my aunt and uncle over his alcoholism i never thought id go to womans felt planet agian but i did and i made a scarf and i wore it in winter and all your base belongs to us
MENBAH knows more than MENBAH really knows and once i ate goat in cleveland and i didnt know the goat practiced ***** craft so i didnt know what i was in for these damn pink donkey wranglers eat ka
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