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Enter the twisted pre-rendered world of Christian Diapers and Co. in "Stereotypes Of Western Civilization, Inc." Since its inception, the series has garnered the distinct notoriety of being one of the few comics not written by a twelve-year old. Personal: darwin is employed as a secret-stealth ninja, and is perhaps most famous for his patented "double-reverse-left-crossover to the face" move. He is NOT a racist, and the content of S.o.W.C., Inc. is not meant to imply otherwise. (He does, however, eat children for breakfast.)
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by darwin_farkus
Wha -- OMIGOD! Tasty NIGGER CHILD! C'mon over here, ****** boy! Allow me to SUCKLE the sweet PIGMENT from yo' greasy SKIN!
Are... are you talkin' to ME?
Boy, don't MAKE me say it again! Now hop your little DARK ass on over here and sit on my LAP!
Um, why are you salivating?
That's right! Go on now and bring back more of your JUICY little NIGGER friends!
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