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by evil_d
Nyah, copper. You'll never make me talk. I ain't no stool chicken.
I'm not a cop and I don't care what you know. I'm an archaeological detective (and a devoted wife and mother!) and I'm on a quest for a rare artifact.
I've had enough of your meddling! Now you die! But before I kill you, there's one thing I must know... what does this artifact look like, anyway?
Kinda cup-shaped, golden, jewel-encrusted, glows with a divine light. You'll know you've got it from the heavenly choirs that start singing when you touch it.
Oh, that thing. It's replaced my favorite beer mug. Tastes great, less damning! But now you want to just jitterbug in here and take it, eh? It seems I'm in a bit of a cucumber.
Personally, I'm envisioning you in a heavy cream sauce with some pasta.
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