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"Orange Soda" is about 2 guys at a bar drinking and telling profane stories.

Kind of like my life but a lot more dick jokes.

"Orange Soda" is a really dumb name for a comic series but I'm stuck with it now for better or for worse.

I was the winner of 2 competitions -- Begin The Comic # 22 and Comic Competitions # 312 and # 341

Every single comic now comes with running commentary (in the "comments" section durr.)

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by finn34
I had this weird dream. I was Santa Claus, but I was stuck in a gay scat film and I was screaming for my agent.
How do I put this ...
That was no dream. That was you remembering your Sophmore year.
How much did I make on that?
Enough to buy a small car.
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finn34 says:

OMG! I just referenced my own joke from a billion comics ago!
posted Dec 13th, 2006 ( permalink )

mandingo says:

lool lool
posted Dec 21st, 2006 ( permalink )

weird4 says:

lol that was awsome!
posted Oct 29th, 2007 ( permalink )

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