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Wait. Why are they doing that?
I don't know. I'm watching the movie for the first time like you are.
What did he mean by that?
Again, I don't know. I'm assuming they'll explain it if we just continue to watch the movie.
Now why would that happen?
Does it look like I wrote the ****ing script?!
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Real Life Vol 2

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Makin_d_bacon says:

LOTR? Life of Tex Ritter? What?
posted Apr 3rd, 2017 ( permalink )

four_legged_tripod says:

Lord of the Rings. The Life of Tex Ritter felt like a 6 hour movie as well, but for different reasons.
posted Apr 3rd, 2017 ( permalink )

Porternotes says:

I live this with EVERY movie.
posted Apr 6th, 2017 ( permalink )

Injokester says:

And that's one of the many examples of why I'm celibate for non-religious reasons.
posted Aug 23rd, 2017 ( permalink )

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