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The Tiki Mask Hides My Shame.

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by israphael
It was a seemingly quiet night to relax with one she loved...she learned the hard way what never to do
You joke around saying somethings living in your stomach, and i want to be the typical cute girlfriend so i will just put my ear to your stomach and listen
Why do girls have to use there cute powers for evil...I warned her and now I'm going to be kept awake all night because she wont sleep
A few hours later (minus the 30mins Zoe spent listening to Leon's stomach in pure horror)
Those noises were not right....your stomach should never sound like that...I thought I could even hear a little voice crying help me.
Go to sleep. Forget what you heard. Remember to believe me next time i tell you something. But dont worry your imagination is just working over time on this.
A few more hours and Zoe is finally able to sleep, with Leon by her side
*Snicker* Those ventriloquism lessons were the best twenty bucks I've ever spent. *Stifled laugh*
There's room for only one monster here! Your belly beast is no match for a man-eating vagina! Now just fall asleep, boy.
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