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The Tiki Mask Hides My Shame.

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by israphael
Welcome to the Veggie Bistro. Our specials today are pulverized soy curd with natural wheat germ flavor and soy curd pulverized and flavored with germ of wheat.
What the hell kind of choice is that?
Don't freak out, dude. I can also ask the chef to make his special wheat-germ soy curdlets served pulverized. It's delicious!
You're a freak, boy. You can keep your soy wierdness; I'm going somewhere where they serve food fit to eat!
Later, at a local steak restaurant.
Here we believe in giving you the ultimate in meat eating. We serve the whole cow. MOO! MOO! MUST IGNORE VOICES IN HEAD! MUST NOT KILL CUSTOMERS!
Well if you eat here, it must be good.
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