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Dance for me, little monkey; pun for me, my precious.

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by kaufman
I'm here with casino owner Steve Wynn, who's put forth a most interesting theory on all the world's ills. Care to explain, Steve?
Absolutely. Big hair is the cause of all of our problems. For instance, did you see what happened to Siegried and Roy? That tiger was distracted by a woman with big hair.
Maybe so, but that doesn't explain all the world's problems. Hurricane Isabel, for instance, had nothing to do with big hair.
Are you sure? Check your chaos theory. Step on a butterfly here, and you may cause a typhoon in China. And big hairdos displace a lot more air than a little butterfly stomp.
Well, telemarketers. Surely they don't have anything to do ...
Have you ever seen a telemarketer? Mullets and beehives, my friend. What else can account for the pressure that causes the brain damage that turns these people away from honest lives?
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