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Funnier than lung cancer, but not as funny as rectal cancer.

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by ladyjdotnet
What's with the background?
Oh, that's supposed to show that we represent the very end of the nerd spectrum.
I see. Hmmm, mayhaps there is a pot of gold at the end of this spectrum?
Nope, no gold.
Not even silvers? Coppers? Platinum pieces? Oooh, or maybe there's gold-pressed latinum like on DS9!
Nope, no reward for being where we are. I'm pretty sure we'll also never know the touch of a woman.
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ladyjdotnet says:

If you're offended, then you're not geeky enough to get all the references contained herein, and therefore should not be offended because you're not at the end of the nerd spectrum. If you think the comic is funny, then you probably got all my references and might want to wonder if you should be offended. It's quite the paradox.
posted Mar 3rd, 2011 ( permalink )

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