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Funnier than lung cancer, but not as funny as rectal cancer.

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by ladyjdotnet
Thanks for meeting me. I wanted to talk to you about something important, but I thought this might be weird on the phone.
No, I'm glad you called! I wanted to talk to you about something, too... You go first.
I'll just get right to the point... I got a bunch of bed bug bites... The exterminator says my place is clear, and since yours is the only other place I've crashed in the last few months...
I wanted to let you know so you can get it checked out. Bed bugs are kind of like herpes for apartments. Better than actual herpes though, right!? Anyway, you wanted to talk about something?
So, it's funny you should mention herpes...
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arbi says:

a public serive message: if you get bedbugs, google bedbugindyman and give him a call. $250, he'll set you up. herpes, i can't help with
posted Jul 22nd, 2013 ( permalink )

four_legged_tripod says:

I can't help with herpes either but I'll take a look at the bug bites.
posted Jul 23rd, 2013 ( permalink )

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