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by mandingo
you may be thinkin why pay for PUR mangravy when I can turn on a faucet and drink down all the mangravy i could ever want. but sir that mangrvy runs throgh old foul pipes and has all kinds of diseases
oh i know. most people think "whats the difference? mangravy's mangravy- god sends it pounding down on our heads and we drink it." but i've been drinking the culligan man's mangravy for years
but sir, you're taking a chance every time you send the culligan man's mangravy sloshing down your throat. he says his is the purest mangravy but in reality i doubt it's even drinkable mangravy
i've raised four kids on nothing but the culligan man's mangravy. my wife, rest her soul, she couldnt swallow enough of it. even mittens here purrs every time her little tongue flicks at his mangravy
sir putting his mangravy in your mouth is as bad as suckin for mangravy right from the spout. havent you noticed the stains when a little of his mangravy dribles down your chin and lands on your shirt
oh hogwash. i gulp his mangravy by the galon, i make icecubes from it, gargle with it, and when i'm joggin and get too hot I can always find some nice young man who'll squirt my face with his mangravy
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dcomposed says:

tl;dr although i clicked on read this comic » to say so
posted Jul 4th, 2008 ( permalink )

dcomposed says:

i still haven't read this even though I got it on the front page last night and again now but I promise I will read it next time.
posted Dec 15th, 2008 ( permalink )

mandingo says:

read it out loud and backwards and it opens up a portal to south Hoboken
posted Dec 16th, 2008 ( permalink )

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