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I flirt with brilliance but have sex with stupid.

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by mmyers
It's imperative I break out of this institution, find out who killed my brother and give restitution. I'll use my one talent I have to do it: skateboarding should help, I'll ollie right through it.
No way, Christian Slater...or are you Jack Nicholson? I need new glasses, I'm in such a pickle, son. Anyway, you'll never ever escape this place, so get that squinty look off of your face.
Sorry Nurse Rashad, but I didn't ask for your permission, I'm using my Lance Mountain skateboard and my jams are by Vision.
Well, you never could escape, you're brain is too dense; you're a psychotic skateboarder and that wouldn't make sense.
It probably won't make sense by the end of the situation, but it will all be explained by skate tricks and a series of unlikely explanations.
Talk hard, Harry!
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