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by primerAL
Ryu is at 1/2 health with Blanca just crouching, waiting to pounce at the right moment
Ryu, I will stun you and then electrocute you... BACK - FORWARD + FIERCE PUNCH AAARRRAGH!!
Blanca's doing his Rolling Barrel move, ****... FORWARD - DOWN - QUARTERCIRCLEFORWARD + FIERCE PUNCH ... hurry up you goddamn kid at the controls!
Ryu performs his Shoryuken too late!
You are no match. My moves are cheap and the kid who's playing my character exploits them
I wish the less skilled kids would choose a character other than myself
Dhalsim must stand and watch poor Ryu get KOed before he can step in to help... the horror
Dhalsim, hurry... this is a tag team match!
I am sorry my friend. That dumbass kid at the controls does not know how to switch fighters my friend.
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