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so hello everyone...i am telling you right now i am clinicly insane..yes...oh yes....insane..i have escaped from the mental isylum and if you tell on my i will find you once i break out again...there is no reason for those people to shoot me with a tranqulizer again....yes AGAIN!!! DAMMIT...those people who have just told must be vanquished...(in background: your coming with us..) oh ****!!
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by samus_aran
hmmm weed?
well what do you say about helping my sperm to be useful? huh huh?
maybe you got weed? But if that weed is watsed god could get quite irate...don't ya think? Oh and i am pretty thristy too get me something heavy and i'll **** you til the day breaks. Got that baby...?
?.? count me in!! i love heavy drinks.
man does it feel good to be out of that outfit.i was sweating so hard if you looked to close into my ass you could see the future..what was the whole point of that play anyway? To please the poor?
ok i'm going to stop you right there because well you must of had a few vodka drinks or 7....anyway it was to teach people about sperm instead of doing a health program. Lame huh...heavy stuff please!
i need my sperm to be useful and you'll work perfectly my boy. (said yes to her question)
wait me no boy me little asian girl don't **** me please your a catholic man right..? oh god i'm going to be a mother!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
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