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Govt Warning : Tobacco seriously enhances image. Dont allow children to
breathe your smoke as it will only make them look much more grown up and sophisticated.

Here be comics

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by smamurai
Just leave the pizza on the doorstep please, the money is under the doormat.
Lord, it is I, Father O'Irish. We have have suceeded in traking down and killing the spawn of Satan. You were in peril for she was quickly bearing down on this location.
Really? My child that is fantastic news. You made sure of it?
Oh yes. She clearly had the mark of the beast on her left hand. It was the colour of blood and read, 555-0139. Never before have I seen such an evil in the guise of a human.
555-0139? But that's my phone number. Do you think that perhaps this number may have been written in red felt-tip and you have just murdered the pizza delivery girl?
Well now that you mention it, the evil hell-breed was wielding a bread-based savoury. We just assumed it was evil pizza. The anchovies were palpable.
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