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Govt Warning : Tobacco seriously enhances image. Dont allow children to
breathe your smoke as it will only make them look much more grown up and sophisticated.

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by smamurai
Dr. Kibner I don't know what's going on. People have been acting strangely all day now. It's like they all know something I don't. I sometimes think they are all staring at me me.
Elizabeth you are overreacting. I think you should go home, take a good look in the mirror then get yourself some sleep. What you are saying is quite illogical.
Hmmn Dr. Kibner seemed nervous somehow......Oh my God, look at this man, he is staring right at me. Should I say something to him?
Hey good lookin!
SKWAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! Oh I think I'm gonna be sick. You have a huge slice of pepperoni stuck to your cheek you filthy girl.
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