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teknomage goes fourth first (deleted) / second / sanban / fifth forum thread
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by teknomage
Well then you're in luck, dude, cuz they do. But more importantly, it's a really funny show. Plus it's got Alyson Hannigan.
Hai, we both enjoy her, Benny-san moreso, of course. But the funniest character is Barney, played by Neil Patrick Harris.
Gotta love the Doogmeister.
But he's nothing like Doogie. He's... I dunno what to say. He's just hilarious. You should also check out his blog.
Oh, please forgive my rudeness. My name is Momoiro Nekochan, and my friend is Benny Iro.
Delighted to meet you both. So... why exactly are we meeting?
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