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Overlord Procrastinator: Or will be in a minute...

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Look, kid... you may think you're hot shit, yeah? You may think you're hot shit. We get it. But you ain't. Nah, kid... you're so cool, standing in front of you is like... you know when it's a really hot summer? Yeah? And you really want some ice cream on that hot summer because it's just so hot, yeah? Yeah? So you go to the freezer and you open up the freezer and you just get this summer killing... yeah, that's you. You're that feeling. You're so chill we could probably harness the power of just you and nothing more to combat global warming. Just cover you with a blanket or something and then open that baby you are up every time shit gets a bit too hot up in this planetary bitch, you know?
Nah, you ain't hot shit, kid. You know who is hot shit, eh?
Warren motherfucking Buffet. He's my best bud. He's my greatest pal. I've been friends with him since before your mummer even found out she was going to have to keep you because abortions are expensive and coathanger kiddies are difficult to dispose of and very messy stuff.
Have you ever seen Warrent Buffet in hotpants?
I have. It's hot stuff.
It's hot shit.

Not... like... you.
Sponsered by your friendly neighbourhood venereal disease.

You have my most solemn and honourbound of vows that clicking this link will not direct you to a youtube video of a rick roll

10-06-18 6:23am (new)
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Stripcreator Newbie

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I am in fact, Hot Shit so fuck you!

8-17-19 7:47am (new)
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Stripcreator » Fights Go Here » You Ain't Even Hot Shit, Mate Ya Fuckin'... Bogans

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