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by stormcloud
Gaze upon my mightyness! I am a sports hero! I get paid a bajillion dollars right out of high school, but you, mortal, have to suffer to even hope for a glimmer of the success i take for granted.
Ah, that might explain why you are an illiterate idiot, who thinks he is above the law, and can do whatever he pleases, because we are so dumb, we let you
What you say?
I said, fucknut, im tired of reading about superstars, who gets paid more than some small countries have, and then they go out, and shoot people, and expect to get away with it, because they are rich.
But i'm famous! You can't talk to me that way! I could buy and own your soul twenty times over! Bow down to me!
Right. Just like Dale. While I am saddened by his death, maybe if he had been wearing the proper saftey equipment, he still might be alive today. But no, a man died, all in the name of "sports".
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