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by FrixFrax
So I'm standing at the line in the bank when everyone starts lining up to the window with the hot chick... but... I know it's the longest line, but I still go and I realise...
I'm a sheep! I'm a ****ing sheep! And I think to myself, what if I don't want to be a sheep...? What if I want to be a kangaroo, or a tiger... or something y'know?
Yeah, I usually get that midway through the tampon section at the supermarket, but I just think... if you like the taste of tampons so much what's the harm in eating them?
What does that have to do with anything?
I'm just saying if a guy should choose to eat tampons then he has the right to, jeez, why do you have to be so judgemental?
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choadwarrior says:

If he wants to eat tampons he should be able to without any strings attached.
posted Aug 27th, 2007 ( permalink )

FrixFrax says:

I think he uses the string to floss with afterwards.
posted Aug 28th, 2007 ( permalink )

mandingo says:

i hold them in front of my nose like a moustache
posted Aug 28th, 2007 ( permalink )

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