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by HCRoyall
Today I went out and played soccer with my friends.
Okay, so I just booted a hooker in the **** and yelled "GOAL!"
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deathtoradio says:

Ha ha ha ha. Awesome.
posted Nov 6th, 2007 ( permalink )

mandingo says:

this works with all the sports
posted Nov 7th, 2007 ( permalink )

HCRoyall says:

Except baseball, but that's a totally different innuendo. In-HER-end-o. Or in-his-end-o, depending on how you swing. HA!
posted Nov 8th, 2007 ( permalink )

up4abeer says:

posted Nov 12th, 2007 ( permalink )

The_young_scot says:

posted Nov 22nd, 2007 ( permalink )

Hatrix says:

Did he get his boot back?
posted Dec 15th, 2007 ( permalink )

Injokester says:

Stealing my work was a contest? Why was I not informed?!? That's freakin' awesome if it was.
posted Aug 9th, 2009 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

Nobody'd steal your work if you'd show up on this website once in a while, Inky-boy! BTW... FTW!
posted Oct 24th, 2012 ( permalink )

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