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"Made me laugh way more than I should have!" -atomiclunch

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Sure, I can give you some spare change... Let me just reach down in my pants pockets and see what I have.
Oh, wait... These are the pants I cut the pockets out of so I can play with myself in public.
Please, stop. I'm begging you. PLEASE, STOP!
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ragu4u says:

This one stands a great chance in the CC, if you ask me.
posted Jan 19th, 2013 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

Damn. I just got the kiss of death! j/k Seriously, thanks, but i hope i don't win because nobody likes my CCs
posted Jan 20th, 2013 ( permalink )

choadwarrior says:

When I was a teenager, I caddied at a country club and one of the members did exactly that. You could see his hairy legs through his pockets when he walked and he was constantly fishing inside.
posted Feb 25th, 2013 ( permalink )

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