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"I always wanted to be quoted." - Z. Mann Zilla

artist, designer, animator, actor, crossword puzzle constructor, rapper, gamer and humorist. Also makes a mean omelet.

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by ZMannZilla
OK, fellow Americans, shut your loser yaps and listen up. This wall is getting built, and we need the land to build it on. And let me tell you about the YUGE deal I just did in Arizona!
This land in particular is on a Hopi Indian reservation. They say they aren't just going to give up the land without something in return, and y'know what? That's fair. I respect that.
I'm the master of deals, believe me, so I asked 'em, I said what do you want? The chief says to me, he says "We want to be represented in your administration."
He introduces me to some young tribe members, and says "Give one of 'em a job, ANY job." Sure, I think, no problem, I'll just make 'em my barber or something.
Out of all the candidates, I picked Blaine Ying. He's a former Olympic sprinter that quit athletics to open a salon. Classy salon, let me tell you, the guy knows his way around a pair of scissors!
That's why I said "Chief... I would LOVE having that rushin' Hopi Ying on my hair!"
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atomiclunch says:

Ba-dum Tish!
posted Jan 28th, 2017 ( permalink )

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ZMannZilla says:

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