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An existence defined by peril, culminating in failure and death.

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by Zaster
Mom, what is the meaning of Easter?
An anthropomorphic bunny distributes brightly colored hen fruit to herald in Spring.
Dad, what is the meaning of Easter?
The creator of the universe squeezes himself into a human frame, is executed in a backwater of the Roman Empire, then gets better.
Random Holiday Generator, what is the meaning of Easter?
Elvis Presley, dressed as a viking, returns from the planet Tatooine to give left-handed children free pineapples.
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Aylear says:

Hah, nice strip, Zaster.
posted Apr 11th, 2009 ( permalink )

Beeko180 says:

I don't know how you just made me laugh.
posted Apr 26th, 2010 ( permalink )

HCRoyall says:

I thought the last panel was describing Kwanzaa.
posted Oct 15th, 2010 ( permalink )

mandingo says:

i think religion really is just god playing mad libs
posted Mar 6th, 2011 ( permalink )

evil_d says:

Just saw this classic on the front page, and Easter is this Sunday. Timely! Now I know what to tell people at the having-an-excuse-for-why-you're-not-celebrating-Easter-with-your-family party I'm going to.
posted Mar 27th, 2018 ( permalink )

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