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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
at 3;30 am 1/1/2019, there was a click sound and my laptop went dead. i mean deceased. so now, i just have this non-portable one. doing plasma without a laptop is a whole different deal.
i'll need to bring a book. i wont even know for a while how much i just lost. no recent backup.
OMG its coming back on after an hours rest. OMG,
test. the backspace key doesn't work so i can either learn to use the delete key or pull up the on screen keyboard. ok got the backspace key workinhg
i'm reasonably calm, but this is a setback. 10 hours later, i'm freaking out,
oh.. it's not charging. so just time to do a backip to hard drive. possibly a new power cord, but i think th click was the charger circuit blowing.
i might spend the day in bed. i'd been really trying lately, but being online is my world. i had tabs open about , what's it called? lost key syndrome. i forget the thing i forgot, about how i cant
function because i forget things and lose stuff. executive function disorder!
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arbi says:

so my task for the day is to learn how to do the backup with the hard drive, then do that.
posted Jan 1st ( permalink )

arbi says:

i think i got most of the files, but ti will take awhile to sort out what is where.
posted Jan 1st ( permalink )

arbi says:

got it charging again!
posted Jan 4th ( permalink )

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