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adventures of an arbitrary aardvark

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by arbi
$40 plasma, $63 scrap yard. when ichecked my emails, i got a job! disjwasher friday.
wednesday awake at 4 am, bath, plasma 6:30-8:30, brought a book and snacks, took two loads of stuff to the scrapyard, made an appointment at legal aid, for next tuesday at 2pm, worked another hour on
the yard, until my stomach hurt from stress so i'm back in bed at 2 pm after resetting the modem.
monthly gross income nearly $1000, but it all goes to bills. i didn't pay the water bill yet did i? no, i need to find it and walk to cvs.
i will check my emails, do 4 or 5 pullups, maybe call the internet company about these disconnections. tomorrow we visit the disability lawyer at 1 pm?
the pullups sound like the easiest place to start. and maybe i'll start some soup.
the soup only slightly resembles my gradmother's steak soup, using pumpkin, green beings, potato, oh i should add the spiniach if we have any left. maybe a carrot-all, if i did. old bay leaf soup.
i need to write out my schedule so i dont miss any appointments, and i can look over tommy's paperwork, which i've been putting off. i have maybe 4 emails to catch up on.
i think a nap could go on the agenda for this afternoon, then wake up for the evening. if i feel really bouncy i could go do a set at the dugout, if i'm early enough or find the number for red flag.
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