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Here's what they're saying about me:

"Pretty funny, I guess"
"Not funny"
"I think you just broke my brain"
"Pretty dull"
"Single worst thing on the site"
"I found your name, comics and posts uninteresting"
"Someone please make the hurting stop"
"You can make anyone feel as though their brain had just exploded"
"You make my ass explode"
"I fear for the future"
"I really don't like ur comics"
A Little Toy Tricycle With A Clown On It
A Journey To The Centre Of Vin Diesel's Asshole
Amazing Deep-Focus 3D Comics
Robot Joe

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by biped
Mommy, where do babies come from?
Err...storks bring them. I'll give you the rest of the details in, oh... about fifteen years.
Mister, where do storks get babies?
Where do storks get babies? (hic) Why, by fuckin', of course. Then one of 'em shits out a kid.
Mommy, I sure wish some fuckin' storks would shit me a baby brother.
Aww, isn't that--OH, MY GOD!!!
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