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by boloboffin
So Stripcreator was featured in a Buzzfeed article as one of 33 amazingly useful websites you don't know about.
This is going to be, what's that word I'm looking for? Fun? Creative?
I'll go get some nails for the explodingdog stick figure guy...
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four_legged_tripod says:

I'm guessing this accounts for the influx of new strippers?
posted Apr 30th, 2014 ( permalink )

brycekain says:

I was just going to say the same thing, FLT.
posted Apr 30th, 2014 ( permalink )

evil_d says:

Here's the article. Thanks for the solving that mystery, bolo. I love Stripcreator but I don't think I would ever have used the word "useful" to describe it.
posted Apr 30th, 2014 ( permalink )

boloboffin says:

Actually, Brad found it. I just stripped it.
posted Apr 30th, 2014 ( permalink )

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