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by evil_d
On his way out of the Congressional Cartoon Committee Hearing, evil_d is mobbed by the press.
Mr. D! I'm Jan Brady with QVC News. Is it true you told Congress you could take down the internet in 30 minutes?
Of course not. That's ridiculous, not to mention irrelevant.
How do you feel about President W's threatening to execute you if he wasn't satisfied with your testimony? Do you plan to continue using the phrase "All your base are belong to us"?
I'll keep saying it as long as it's funny, and probably well beyond that just to be sure. As for W, you can tell him to put it to a popular vote.
"Well, there you have it folks! Back to you, Marcia!"
Thanks, Jan. I'm here in Japan, speaking live with one of the original translators of the Zero Wing video game.
What you say? Crazy! Every translation hundred percent good! Graduate America correspondence school! I know what I doing!
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