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Thanks to all of you who sent me sluffed skin cells! I'm pleased to report that my farts are smelling good again.

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by iconoclastic
One day the Lord called Ezrah to a strange place with funny bottles, an old hooker and a strong compulsion to join in...
Good evening madam. Have you any scones?
Nay fine sir, I have only the desire to pinch a loaf of sweet pumpernickel, and hope with much earnestness sic., that it happen on the soon side of things. Amen.
Ezrah thought he had been sent to purchase some scones, and a fine new quilt sprayed with the latest in scotch-guard technology...
WTF??? Whither the **** forth have I ventured and who art thou in front of me that I almost uncontrollably cummed upon and yay, even facially so? Be thou some vision of a virgin tart gone awry?
Dude! WTF's wrong with you? It's ME! Whip it the **** out! I have to finish this video by tonight!
...to protect against his mighty, God given, (with just a hint of rust adding a lovely but subtle... fruity note), square shaped load.
Amish ****kicker heels don't fail me now! *click click* God forgive me but my butter is churrrned!!!
*slurp slurp* Oh! Such a fine cut! Be thou some new age carpenter come again?
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brycekain says:

Impressive. This is probably the closest anyone has come to the true essence of PWTF. Kudos!
posted Sep 28th, 2014 ( permalink )

ragu4u says:

I just like "Ye Olde English".
posted Sep 29th, 2014 ( permalink )

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