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Funnier than lung cancer, but not as funny as rectal cancer.

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by ladyjdotnet
Dude, you should pull over. Ambulances have the right away.
Don't you mean the right of way?
Yeah, that's what I said, the right away.
*sigh* and that means...
...that they get to go right away, and you have to wait.
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RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

unless you're in England, then they have the straight away. wait. that's a right-side steering wheel car. maybe they are already in England. or they could be in Japan. but they are too white for Japan, so maybe it's Australia.
posted May 10th, 2016 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

I tend to ramble this time of day. point is it's a funny comic.
posted May 10th, 2016 ( permalink )

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