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by mandingo
hey laura, do you think i could borrow your ******? mine doesn't seem to want to work
sure, but the thing about my ****** is that some days you turn it on and it sucks and sucks while other days you turn it on and it just gives you one little spurt then stops
that's okay. i'll take your ****** on a bad day over mine on a good one. honestly, i don't know what john was thinking when he picked up that ****** and brought it home
to tell the truth, i've always been a little taken with your ******. i know it's an old model, but those are the sturdiest ******s, not to mention the most relaibe and with the best suction
i'd offer to swap ******s but since john handpicked ours, to him it's like king of the ******s. he'll even say he tracked dirt into the guestroom just to have an excuse to get his hands on that ******
boy, now i really do want to swap ******s. marty wouldn't know what to do with our ****** even if i layed it down on the carpet in front of him and turned it on
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what if ****** meant...

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Cre8tive13 says:

What if **** meant hilarious... That is one **** comic! A nice follow up on the Kite comicc.
posted Dec 10th, 2007 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

what if hilarious meant ******y? then Cre8tive13 is one hilarious guy!
posted Apr 14th, 2015 ( permalink )

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