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by mandingo
hello my son. i was wondering if you have found jesus and if he has given you herpes. he gives of his herpes freely. all he asks in return is that you spread his herpes to all you come in contact with
oh yes father, i do know of jesus and his herpes. it was shortly after starting a relationship with jesus that i first found my herpes. though it's probably more accurate to say my herpes found me
that's how herpes is, my son. even now there are days when i think my herpes has gone away entirely. then jesus will come to me and restore my herpes. your herpes will come to you at your darkest hour
actually i was doing something i very much enjoy when my herpes first came to me. but herpes became a part of me that day and has remained so despite it being a hardship at times, as i'm sure you know
oh no. my having herpes has never been even the slightest bit inconvenient. my herpes brings a consistency to my life. whatever else may change, i can always count on my herpes to flare up in church
i guess having herpes wouldn't be as big a hardship for a priest. as a man of the cloth, you could never find yourself in a situation where having herpes might be awkward
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