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I'm insane. Deal with it.
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by stormcloud
My rule is supreme! Just look at what my enemies dare say about me!
Hi. Do you know me? I'm Dick Gephardt, House Minority Leader. Please kill me. I can't stop this monster. He's got the House, he's got the Senate. He can do whatever he wants.
Hmm. The American People don't like my proposed tax cut. Well, **** them. I don't care what they think. But I will use a family to my own benefit, to show what a nice Overlord I am
So let me get this straight. People don't like your plan. So instead of listening to them, you're going to pretend to have breakfast with a poor family, so that the media can have a Photo Op of you.
Yes. I hope to show that I really am a "People Person". As in I'm a Person, and I hate People.
I weep for my Nation. Will this Hellish nightmare never end?
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