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by stormcloud
Wow! Isn't this club great! I'm wearing black, so I must be Goth. Hey-you're not wearing black. What are you, some kind of freak?
Yes, you've figured out my horrible secret. I'm actually an undercover spy for the Federal Bureau of Whitehats.
But wow! I mean, wow! Doesn't this music totally kick ass! I feel compelled to dance, only because I have the vaguest idea of who this band is.
Hmm. Yes, it seems to have that effect on the weak minded. However, I think the rotation needs to be changed, when even the bouncers know whats coming next.
Holy crap! That girl isn't wearing any clothes! Is that normal? My god! I can see her boobs! I'm gonna bring all my friends here next week, so we all can stare at her chest!
And that your Honor, is when I had to do it. For the sake of the future of humanity, I couldn't allow him to breed. Yes, I regret my actions, but i'd do it all over again. For the children.
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