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After years of writing captions on found photos I figure I can throw together some cartoons from clipart. They should be funny as hell. But I'm probably wrong.

Winner of the following: CC #364 and #373 and #400 / RCD #16 and #20 / OPC #45 / WW #59 / FTC #120.

Three sets: those with Target Greeter Girl and those without and then there's the educational Primer for Naïve Maidens presented as a public service.

Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul

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by themushroom
If stimulation is applied to the clitorus, the eventual result will be a pleasant feeling known as "orgasm".
You wanted to ask me something?
Yes. I've discovered that if I rub that nub at the top of my vagina...
The act is known as "masturbation" and contrary to popular belief it does not have any ill health effects.
...after a few minutes I get an overwhelming sensation. What is it? Is it normal?
Also contrary to popular belief, boys have no clue how to give you an orgasm. Masturbation is your friend.
I'm not sure. You will need to show me what you were doing so I can tell.
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A Primer For Naïve Maidens

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