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I don't know what I'm doing either

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This was a Thai university's tribute to a graduation class.

Please replace the handset, and try again.

7-18-13 4:44am (new)
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Obsessive Comic Disorder

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It's a great reminder that thank God all the super heroes are 'mericans!

7-18-13 12:41pm (new)
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Ex-Zombie Hunting Dad Creature

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"Ew!  Why must I be seen with the Clooney Batman?" -Hitler

"He was cursed with a horrorshow of a face, like Guiseppe Archbold doing a study of mollusk tumors."

7-28-13 6:27pm (new)
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and the Goblet of Mountain Dew.

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I has a flavor!

7-31-13 12:29pm (new)
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Probably drunk

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David Hasselhoff and Uwe Boll. You get one more, Germany. Just one.

Dinosaurs had eggs bro, the chicken came way later.

8-01-13 4:13am (new)
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100mg Thorazine, Please

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Captain America shows Superman what he thinks of illegal aliens, no matter whether they're from Mexico of Krypton.

It was such a waste of everyone’s time and money that even the Tokyo stadium’s **** robots apologized– something they were programmed specifically never to do.

8-01-13 5:03pm (new)
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   "I've got your back" said SUPER ALBINO CHICKLIPS toSUPERMAN.

"That reminds me" said SUPERMAN to SUPER                    ALBINO CHICKLIPS, "Lois says she's going to kick your ass if she finds anymore lipstick smears in my buttcrack."

"That's a small price to pay for access to the unused kryptonite that comes out in your poop" said SUCKLIPS to SEMAN.

"AHA" said SEMAN to SUCKLIPS. "Now I know why I can't shake you off my ass even after you've been sucking from it for nigh on 8 to 12 hours. It's because you're eating my kryptonite infused poopy."

"I hope you're not angry with me" said SUCKLIPS to SEMAN, even adding a pretentious curtsy to play on SEMAN'S need to be entertained and treated like royalty by anyone of either sex who had big red lips.

"How could I ever be angry with you" said SEMAN with a touch of unrequited histrioncs in his voice. "Lois never did like giving me gluteal oral."

"Do you mean she won't kiss your cheeks, or she won't tongue your hole" asked SUCKLIPS, sensing a chink in SEMANS heretofore highly bragged about and disgustingly sexually exploitative (or so it previously seemed), relationship with Lois.

"I'm not sure I should be discussing this with you SUCKLIPS" said SEMAN. "After all, you're not a sexual the******, are you?"

This was the point that SUCKLIPS wanted to manipulate SEMAN to. SUCKLIPS had SEMAN right in the palm of his lips, and wasn't inclined to tell the truth, when just a little lie might get him round to the iron **** he had longed for, even before SEMAN had accidently dropped him into the bottle of bleach when they first encountered each other at the laundromat.

That night found SUCKLIPS lost in dreams of chinked teeth and slippery steel. He awoke only once and pondered the refractory qualities of SEMAN'S shiny boner. He awoke the next morning with the urge to tell SEMAN of his desire to be his full time partner, and that he had already manufactured a small 'partner pod' that SEMAN could carry him around in when he got calls to fight crime. 

This was the type of friction that SUCKLIPS knew might lead to marriage, but feared might end up with himself dead on some fence, having been unjustifiably bungholed by the same man of steel he sought to warm-rod.

These things troubled SUCKLIPS, but he knew it was part of this life style, so he girlied up his loins and prepared to kill Lois by sneaking some of SEMAN'S own poo into her coffee the very next morning when he would portray having a really fascinating story for Lois to publish.

"Lois is so stupid" thought SUCKLIPS to himself. "I'll make me a wig out of dead Lois' hair" he overconfidently mused to himself. "Any ***** that won't tongue any man's bb-hole deserves to die."

Falling back to sleep, SUCKLIPS didn't know he was about to become victim of a random meteorite made of some random passenger jet's frozen toilet water, but the meteorite never came down, and so SUCKLIPS went the very next morning and sucker punched Lois in the ****. SEMAN then left Lois and hooked up with... not SUCKLIPS!!! 

You can never predict what SEMAN will do. Even SUCKLIPS was wrong. We can all take some lesson from these events. For a small fee, I will personally and with great humility make a list of possible lessons learned. 

I'll probably do that in a week or two, it depends on how busy I am. 


1-22-14 9:41am (new)
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Not enough fart jokes.

...and if you liked that one, here's a link to my other stupid ****.

7-20-14 2:29am (new)
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Stripcreator » Caption Mountain » What's wrong with this picture?

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