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by mandingo
my balls itch.
i gotta go
don't worry, that's just a ploy so that when people see that single panel on the front page, it'll entice them to click on it
oh thank christ! i totally believed it for a second!
you're so gullible! they never itch!
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comments on this comic


ragu4u says:

Says one of the lucky ones who has their comics appear on the front page more than once in 4 years. Man....are the g****s sour, or what?
posted Jan 5th, 2013 ( permalink )

edoggydog says:

mandingo's comics always appear on the front page. like every other one! his comics that good, or is he sucking major brad ****? you decided
posted Jan 7th, 2013 ( permalink )

mandingo says:

sucking Brad's **** doesn't get you on the front page, dumbass. it gets you on toprated. you need to trombone him for the front page
posted Jan 8th, 2013 ( permalink )

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