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by mandingo
doc, my knee kind of hurts when it gets cold out.
here, try New Aspirin!
New Aspirin might cause spontaneous AIDS, ball gout, stankfinger, orbital herpes, water allergy, bigfoot ****, prolific simile (like a boss),
death, vomitting, deathvomitting, metallic constipation, ball slapping, rectal implosion, warring brain lobes, palpable regret, dry blinking, the inability to love,
and knee pain when it gets cold out.
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comments on this comic


Twi_prime says:

You are bringin' it with your list of side-effects, sweetie! From stankfinger to warring brain lobes, Mandingo comics do not disappoint. :)
posted Jan 8th, 2013 ( permalink )

mandingo says:

thanks, babe. just for that, i'll stick my ***** in you
posted Jan 9th, 2013 ( permalink )

evil_d says:

Heh heh... "orbital herpes".
posted Jan 9th, 2013 ( permalink )

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