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After years of writing captions on found photos I figure I can throw together some cartoons from clipart. They should be funny as hell. But I'm probably wrong.

Winner of the following: CC #364 and #373 and #400 / RCD #16 and #20 / OPC #45 / WW #59 / FTC #120.

Three sets: those with Target Greeter Girl and those without and then there's the educational Primer for Naïve Maidens presented as a public service.

Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul

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by themushroom
bus station - Seattle, Washington
Of course, I had to save money by going Greyhound...
I can hardly wait until we get to New York! I have this cousin there I haven't seen since we were 14. Last time I saw him he slept over and he woke up with my...
bus station - Helena, Montana
shut. the. fuck. up.   I beg of you.
...but that was nothing compared to the time I passed a kidney stone in a urinal trough during the State Fair with 20 guys right trying not to stare! But then one time I...
bus station - Minneapolis, Minnesota I did the circumcision myself. Trust me, Bactine stings!  I'll show you how it turned out when we're back on the bus. And while I've got it out I need to...
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christopher7murphy says:

..and if you fart, thinking they will go away...NOOO! They make it a competition.
posted Jul 15th, 2008 ( permalink )

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