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After years of writing captions on found photos I figure I can throw together some cartoons from clipart. They should be funny as hell. But I'm probably wrong.

Winner of the following: CC #364 and #373 and #400 / RCD #16 and #20 / OPC #45 / WW #59 / FTC #120.

Three sets: those with Target Greeter Girl and those without and then there's the educational Primer for Naïve Maidens presented as a public service.

Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul

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by themushroom
Modern technology has brought new and exciting ways to meet people. You may find yourself seeking love interests online! The Internet is a huge pool full of people of all sorts.
Thanks for saying I'm a goddess, but I am not going to talk dirty with you.
Leper whore. You probably suck off dead mules.
Unfortunately, people do not act the same online as they do in person. Men can be sweet one moment, cruel the next, when they don't get their way.
Thanks for saying I make you hard, but I am not interested in sex with you.
You must be a dyke. You don't deserve my cock.
Do not take this personally. Most of the "women" who engage them first online are porn 'bots, therefore they think real women will pretend to want to see their tiny penises too.
I am flattered you want to see my breasts but I don't know you yet.
Would Xbox Live or Amazon giftcards convince you to bare 'em and share 'em already?
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A Primer For Naïve Maidens

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