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After years of writing captions on found photos I figure I can throw together some cartoons from clipart. They should be funny as hell. But I'm probably wrong.

Winner of the following: CC #364 and #373 and #400 / RCD #16 and #20 / OPC #45 / WW #59 / FTC #120.

Three sets: those with Target Greeter Girl and those without and then there's the educational Primer for Naïve Maidens presented as a public service.

Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul

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by themushroom
Target Greeter Girl has just had her yearly review. A congratulations from the fifth manager she's had, another 27¢ raise, the same old topics as last year under "room for improvement".
"needs to smile more" - More like, needs to get laid at lunch break more. Cause and effect.
She likes her low-effort job and it pays her bills, but she knows she could be making better money if she moved from greeter to being in a department.
"can show more kindness and empathy" - But I can't do that for people who come in at 10:45pm!
But she likes what she does. She gives the appearance of loss prevention (while doing nothing, by store rules) and mentally undresses the hundreds of people who walk in daily.
That was fun. Now to go silently judge everyone for another year.
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