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After years of writing captions on found photos I figure I can throw together some cartoons from clipart. They should be funny as hell. But I'm probably wrong.

Winner of the following: CC #364 and #373 and #400 / RCD #16 and #20 / OPC #45 / WW #59 / FTC #120.

Three sets: those with Target Greeter Girl and those without and then there's the educational Primer for Naïve Maidens presented as a public service.

Laughter is the Spackle of the Soul

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by themushroom
Our liberties are being trampled on! We should be able to do anything we want and be free to assemble in large groups! MURIKA!
The governor is stupid! They try to take my flag and my automatic rifle, now they want us to wear masks and wash our hands?! This is a hoax!!
Social Darwinism votes Republican.
You were right, they all shook my hand. I owe you five bucks.
Call it even, man. They'll figure it out in a couple weeks. Thank you for (heh) spreading the knowledge.
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RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

versus the Dummycrats who follow Big Brother's marching orders like good little sheep
posted Apr 21st, 2020 ( permalink )

themushroom says:

RCLG: Republicans will survive the zombie apocolypse because they're better armed. Democrats will survive the viral pandemic because they're better brained. Choose your battles, but only one of these wars is being fought right now...
posted Apr 22nd, 2020 ( permalink )

RandomComicLayoutGuy says:

I see no proof the Democrats are better brained. Pelosi? Biden? AOC???? are you kidding me?????
posted Apr 22nd, 2020 ( permalink )

themushroom says:

Which party's highest-ranking officials show up at hospitals and group meetings without a mask thus make no effort to avoid getting or sharing the virus? I rest my case.
posted May 1st, 2020 ( permalink )

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